Previous Madness

Many moons ago, Jo, Daisy and I were mucking about in the shed with Fivla.  Having discovered BeAnne’s penchant for riding Shetland ponies, I purchased for her, at great expense I might add, a beautiful vintage basket saddle off Fleabay.   When it arrived, I was thrilled.  It was beautiful, with a lovely button upholstered seat –  just right for Her Maj.


We did a test run in the indoor school to check everything and everyone was comfortable and then off we went.  Fivla was rather footy so wanted to stay on the grass verges.  She found the chips on our track rather difficult.


Daisy rode Winnie, our Icelandic/Fjord horse who was in training at the time and we set off down the track.


We had strapped a spare stirrup leather across to act as a seat belt.


When we reached the end of the track, we made the executive decision to visit our neighbours who are used to our antics and always very happy to see our horses and ponies (they have met enough of them in their garden over the years!)


We arrived, everyone came outside for a chat and not an eyebrow was raised.  No one seemed at all surprised that this was the type of thing we would do.  They obviously know us well enough.


Fivla enjoyed their grass while we chatted.  BeAnne had absolutely no intention of getting down.  Once she finds a comfy place, nothing much moves her.


And then she rode back again, with the wind in her fur (I adore her ears), happy as anything.

IMG_3796 IMG_3804

BeAnne rides in her basket saddle like a Maharaja in his howdah on his elephant – the similarity is uncanny!

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