Pretty please!

My dear visitors went out in the pouring rain this morning and caught my four horses to lead them one at a time to see me by the front door.

First to arrive was my stallion, Taktur.  He was unnerved by my zimmer frame but managed to say hello.  He didn’t like being on his own so another was fetched while he wandered off to look for grass.

L1010013 L1010017  L1010025 L1010034

Next to be brought was Iacs.  He was happy to pop along to say hello and seemed most curious about my new predicament.

L1010035L1010065 L1010036 L1010038

Then it was Haakon’s turn.  You can see how we don’t believe in headcollars much.


Klængur didn’t want to be led today but he soon realised I was outside so he came over to say hello.


Nick had Polos and, while Klaengur had no idea what they were and refused politely by spitting his out, ….


…. others knew exactly what they were.


I think this could be called begging.


Haakon sniffed my foot just to make sure it was still attached.

L1010082 L1010084

This photo shows the extent of Nick’s efforts to get my horses.  It was such a kind thing he did.  Many would’ve refused and I can’t thank him enough for doing this for me.


So now I have the boys eating the grass around the house.  When I look out of any window, I can see a hairy bottom going past.  Bliss.



If it could just stop raining for more than 10 minutes, I could sit outside with them.  Now that would be heaven.

 (*** goes off to look at the weather forecast for the next few days ***)

2 thoughts on “Pretty please!

  1. Highmac

    I’ve said it before, but it can’t be said too often.

    You have the most wonderful friends (and horses of courses) 🙂

  2. Krista

    So fortunate you are to have your horses, and your friends to come visit you and make you smile. That one horse nose snuffling at me would be enough to make my day! Sending healing thoughts your way!


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