Please Bring Toys

The Minions were all standing in a line yesterday waiting for us and in another part of the field (huzzah – not lurking by the fence with Lilja).   They all turned to a pony to watch Flossie and her box of carroty bits walking round the bog – I went through!

She was, of course, immediately mugged and don’t worry, everyone got their fair share.  Floss is adamant about that.

Once empty, the box was thoroughly examined just in case, because you never know.

Everyone had to check, again, thoroughly.

And then I told her to give it to Tiddles as he had the best smile.

This sight particularly warms my heart.  When Tiddles arrived he would not play. He just stood there watching everyone else and not really getting it.  (2014 – it seems an age away – how we have all changed, including his name – Tiddlypom, what was I thinking?)

Storm is the master of this box.  He knows what to do. A good toofy grip.

Meanwhile, the ladies were enjoying their piece of the sun and were staying well away from the reprobates.  Perhaps they just wanted a holiday from the endless little-boy sniggering.  They have a point.

1 thought on “Please Bring Toys

  1. Sam

    How nice to see Tiddles playing and being one of the guys. Such a difference from when he arrived. I do like Newt’s pawing of the evil box.


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