Lungeing Hjalti

Our trainer, Bjørn, came up today to show us how to lunge Hjalti.  This was Hjalti’s first time being lunged and Daisy tacked him up  – he behaved like he did this every day.  Bit in, bridle on, reins over.  One clever little horse (the reins came off as it was quickly evident they were annoying and a potential hazard all round).

Bjørn taught Hjalti how to go forward (by standing in the centre and being behind the forward movement), how to maintain the circle and how to come into the centre when given the signal.

Hjalti was lunged on both reins.

And he was, mostly, a good boy.

He has a very strong trot, a very strong one indeed.  A wow trot.

And it was not all plain sailing.  There were a few blips, and the odd tantrum.

But blips are for learning from and Hjalti calmed down quickly and agreed to stick to trot.

He was then a good boy.  He had learned a valuable lesson.

The result was Hjalti listening and learning sensibly, which was the whole reason for lungeing.

Next up was the rein thing again.

Both reins to start teaching direction and turning in response to pressure on the rein so that when Hjalti has a rider, steering won’t be too big of a surprise.

So there we are. Another hurdle attempted and over.  Of course it is very early days and Hjalti is showing he is ready for what we are asking.  Whether we back him or not yet is a different matter.  At the moment all this in-hand training builds valuable foundation blocks.


6 thoughts on “Lungeing Hjalti

  1. Linda K

    Since this is all new to him, I think he’s entitled to a little tantrum!
    I’m sure his confidence builds with every training session.

  2. Deborah Plummer Twomey

    He looks wonderful. It fills my heart to see ponies started correctly, calmly. He is going to be a super fine pony !


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