Physio Visit

Today Uwe Abendroth from Central Equine Physiotherapy paid us a visit.  He was here to specifically see Kappi and Efstur.

First up was Kappi.

Now 17 years old, Kappi has recently become stiffer (Daisy says) and so he hugely benefited from Uwe’s work.


Then it was Efstur’s turn who, with no known ailments, has just started his training so it was good to iron out any potential niggles.

Both horses behaved beautifully and enjoyed their treatments.  Daisy learned some essential core exercises for them (and I will use them on Klængur too)  and I spent my time wishing I had booked Uwe to see every animal I own.

But I did ask him to quickly look at BeAnne and I duly brought her in for treatment.

Having explained her health (or lack thereof), and it’s management, Uwe decided to use the pulsed magnetic therapy.

Her Maj loved it and has subsequently spent the afternoon peeing (he said she would), and demanding everyone’s food – all good things.  She seems much brighter too.

Meanwhile, in Harry’s world, yesterday he was ringed (castrated).  A job that must be done in the first seven days and utterly essential.  Although Maggie didn’t mind….

… Harry is now not talking to us!

I don’t blame him.  He will soon come back a-bouncing.  It was a necessity and it had to be done. Sorry Harry.

4 thoughts on “Physio Visit

  1. Sam

    Nice to see the Boys being nice to Uwe. Amazed at BeAnne’s reaction to the magnetic pulses.
    Sorry, Harry, but Mum has all the bouncing lambs she can handle!

  2. Kate Woolley

    I think Francis, you will have to get a little friend for Harry to play with. I’m sure there is one out there waiting for you ! What a poppit he is ! Such a strong little fella…..

  3. Christine

    Have you heard of the Masterson Method? Jim Masterson has a great book on equine bodywork exercises/massages, (and also a website). We like to use his techniques in between visits from the professionals. But our dear Icelandics are often so stoic…you often have to look closely for their relaxation reactions. It’s a whole different story with Arabians!


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