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Today is the last of the good weather so I went out for a drive  – I had done my chores, been for a ride with Daisy on Taktur again (he was such a good boy) and the light was good.  I just drove around the block (the Sandness road, Dale of Walls and home) looking for nice scenes to photograph.

These are my neighbours’ Shetland ponies. They always look majestic against the skyline and very old-fashioned.

BN2A7350 BN2A7353 BN2A7354 BN2A7361 BN2A7362 BN2A7365

Then I found this ram.  Apparently he is a Shetland four-horn sheep (I could be wrong, btw).  He is definitely magnificent.

BN2A7372 BN2A7373 BN2A7375

It was a lovely day and I stopped to take photos of some of my favourite views.  I drive past most days, always meaning to stop but never having the right camera with me to try and do it justice.

BN2A7390 BN2A7395  BN2A7417 BN2A7420 BN2A7423

Daylight at the moment is a precious commodity.  The days are very short but they will now gradually start to get longer as we have passed the longest night.  Folk say that Shetland is bleak – I just don’t see that.  Never bleak, always breathtakingly beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Photos from Today

  1. Karen

    Beautiful photos Frances and I agree Shetland is breathtakingly beautiful. I have never forgotten the first time I visited and spied the landscape through the plane window…it really did literally take my breath away. Now I can’t get back fast enough each year and yearn to make it my forever home. Two more years of ‘must stay where we are’ for the last two offspring to finish their education….then who knows? Thank you for your lovely photos, what a great start to 2014. 🙂


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