Cupboard Love

We have mud….


… and water everywhere.


There is grass as well.  Yay for grass.BN2A7459

But I am feeling sorry for the lads and have started giving them extra hay.  They don’t get much, just enough to get them up near the school so we can catch and ride them without having to wade through all the mud.  An incentive, if you will.  They come when they are called now which is most gratifying.  Cupboard love, though.  Not anything else.


The best thing about this herd is that they are all very good friends.  There is no barging, getting cross or bullying.  They patiently stand in a row and share without any fights.  It makes life much easier if they are all friends.

BN2A7443  BN2A7446 BN2A7449

No one is soaked through or shivering.   You can see the dry coat underneath and we have had some quantity of rain recently.


Their long winter fur is doing its job well.  I am glad we don’t clip or rug.  The horses need this for the weather ahead.  This is their protection, along with all the dirt and grease in their coats too.  We are not very keen on bathing then either even in the summer months except for the show ring.


The chickens are around, offering to clean up any stray bits.  We had our first egg in ages yesterday.


The winter skies have been worthy of Michelangelo today.  My 2 mile daily walk with BeAnne was transformed.

IMG_0612 IMG_0619

5 thoughts on “Cupboard Love

  1. Elisabeth

    Such beautiful pictures of your ponies and other animals & gorgeous scenery.
    I really look forward to your emails every day.

  2. Cate

    Michelangelo skies, for sure. Just breath-taking. And lovely to see horses allowed to be horses. In their element! 😀

  3. Val ahlgren

    Love your photos! Thank you so much.
    Wish we had a bit of your rain. We have beautiful weather, but it should be raining; should have been raining. Bone dry drought here in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.
    About cameras: I dropped my little, old Leica D 2. Am awaiting delivery of my new V -4.


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