Photographic Sheeple

Mother and Son – Harrel and Maggie

One large Madge (it’s all wool, you know).

No, it is, honestly.

Edna looking like Queen Elizabeth I in her later years.

A friend of mine always says sheep look like woolly maggots. She will know who she is when she reads this and I do agree with her. 

Here we have the little known Harrel-theBarrel maggot!

I was sitting down and Lambie just grinned at me the whole time, smouldering with charm and good looks (or we was he a bit hot in the spring heat and full fleece?) and there was a waft of wee.

Edna and ‘Bert.

‘Ster on a mission.

The beautiful, and now very tame, Maggie who was my best friend while I sat down wondering if I was getting a wet bum or was it just the cold ground.  I had a wet bum when I stood up. In my defense it rained first thing this morning.

Harrel all growed up.

He is a year old now (May the 4th be with you –

Harrel is well named and yes, I missed his birthday but we all know he would’ve eaten the grapefruit hedgehog including the sticks and the grapefruit and wanted to win all the prizes in the games after tea rather than letting his guests win.  He has no manners.


2 thoughts on “Photographic Sheeple

  1. Sam

    The first photo I thought was two large rocks…nope, moveable wool piles! And Maggie is very regal in her large fleece.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love all the sheep pictures today….gosh they do all look like barrels! Must be close to shearing time?


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