Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day.

I rode Dreki off the lead rein with Daisy instructing and ready to grab…..

No grabbing was required and Dreki was perfect.

Then I had a riding lesson on Klængur from Daisy and he was perfect too.

Then we brushed the old men….

And they looked perfect afterwards.

After lunch, before Daisy flew back, we sat out in the field with the sheep and Klængur came to stand over us and promptly went to sleep.

And ‘Bert sat in Daisy’s lap and went to sleep too.

And everything was perfect.

And, yes, I am listening to Lou Reed!

7 thoughts on “Perfect Day

  1. Dona

    This was such a great post to read on a Sunday morning. Everything going right fir you & the family.

  2. diane in northern wis

    So happy for this perfect day for you! Love the pics and glad to hear about it all.


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