Peaceful Day

I had a well-deserved (in my opinion) quiet day today. I spent the morning packing boxes, weighing and printing postage labels to send off tomorrow.

And the afternoon saw me in my shed making a “curly” lamb for a friend. My protocol is Earl Grey in my tea bowl watching Murdoch Mysteries while I stab away trying not to catch my fingers.  I am getting better at the latter.

The dogs came too as their monthly delivery of dog chews had arrived and they are working their way through the box.  One each, once a day.

Ted’s has recently had his quarterly wash and trim at the dog-groomers so he is now looking less like “a greasy Muppet” (Daisy’s words, not mine) and more like a gorgeous boy.

So handsome.

Both Pepper and Ted quickly finished their chews and were obviously looking for more.

I said “smile for the camera, please”.

And then I noticed them having a chat afterwards.  I wonder what they said.

It’s probably just as well I don’t know.

Now to make a trillion of these – I have a large order ahead to complete and only 5 more series of Murdoch Mysteries!

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