Patchy Way Forward

The good news is that since I publicly declared I would probably sell “Wee Nook”, Monster has taken to his man cave.

I secretly knew he would.

Meanwhile outside, the rain it keeps raining for a few more hours and you can feel the ground breathing a huge sigh of happiness and relief.

Hopefully the grass will grow properly now.

The garden is trying again after the thrashing it got from a devastating storm (we were south at the British Championships) a few weeks ago.

That cheers up my OH who loves his garden, even if the sheep and I are evicted.

I crept round it this afternoon in the rain with my camera taking these photos getting wet.

Today, I have been prescribed, and started, buprenorphine transdermal patches for my spinal pain.  This is a whole new ball game and I hope, at last, I have found something that works with my body and therefore my endless miserable pain.  I will admit I have been struggling these past few weeks and it is all getting a bit much.

So everything crossed, meanwhile onwards and upwards.  Once the rain has stopped I will go for a walk.  I must keep as mobile as possible.  That is really the only way forwards for me.

I will go back to riding in a few weeks if at all possible.

5 thoughts on “Patchy Way Forward

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Your place (thank you OH) looks grand, and the rain has made a difference. We’ve not got nice weather here yet – our “summer” as it’s loosely called on the coast, doesn’t start for maybe another month or so, if that. Fog and wet, then some sunshine if we’re lucky.

    Going to lunch with two of my BFF’s and will wear a sweater! MMR

  2. Sam

    Such good news! Monster enjoys his cave, the rains have appeared and you are walking. And talking about riding!!!!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Will keep fingers and toes crossed for you, Frances. I really hope the patches work – nothing more wearing than constant pain. Love the iris photograph – my favourite flower.

  4. Darby

    Hoping that the new patch does the trick for you and you are finally pain free. Your Monster looks so sweet and innocent in his new digs.

  5. lynn

    I’m so glad Monster is using his new plush catcave. I t looks roomy and comfortable.

    I hope the patch works for you.


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