It’s been a rough old time recently and to cap it all I had a stonker of a migraine last night, followed by a dream of walking with BeAnne which made me wake up crying. Awful.

Many of you have said it is important Floss and I look after ourselves so, as I wasn’t visiting Mum in hospital (my sister was going in), I took the day off from being me.

We went to M&S and then on to Tesco…..

Floss and I treated ourselves to three doughnuts each!

These are mine.

And I am not sharing.

Nope, not even if you look cute and can beg!

8 thoughts on “Pampering

  1. Sam

    Clearly the stress is gaining – migraine and bad dreams. Kripsy Kremes are a yummy way to soothe and take care of one’s self. Too bad the wee one is so darn cute at begging! Take one day at a time or even one hour at a time. But inquiring minds want to know what flavors you picked.

  2. lynn

    i’m glad you treated yourselves to donuts. they look delicious. sam above is so right – take one day at a time.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Good choice on those donuts! Glad you’re doing at least a little something for yourselves in these stress=filled days. Can you take turns with siblings, watching your Mum? Just wondering. Praying your migraine is going, going gone for good.

  4. Christine

    Oh, the lure of Krispy Kremes. It reminds me of the time I was In Reykjavik, taking a walk downtown in the morning before most shops were open. I heard music, and then turned the corner to find people lined up to get into a Krispy Kreme shop that was having a grand opening. Doughnuts with universal appeal!


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