Autumn Chores

Floss and I are working hard, making space in the greeenhouse for the plants that won’t survive outside in the English winter.

Mostly geraniums, I think, but I take photos of the garden and show them to Mum, she tells me what to bring in and then I go back and we lug in another pot (well, Floss does most of the lugging).

Our early morning dogwalks also continue daily.  I have now taken to gently placing  undiscovered golf balls that I find in the rough on the green, cheekily next to the flag.  I have a theory that I could start WW3 if Donald Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping play golf here because you just wouldn’t know how the ball got there, whose it was and how to play it!

Today’s walk was especially beautiful even though we didn’t see any wildlife today.  But we did see a lone golfer in shorts and that is fairly incredible in itself because I am in my winter thermals and I thought I was fairly tough!

8 thoughts on “Autumn Chores

  1. Sam

    Nice greenhouse and so good of you and Floss to bring the plants. As for golfers – they are a very odd breed, what with hitting a small ball and chasing it while wearing odd clothing…

  2. diane in northern wis

    I love all the pictures of the areas near your Mum’s house. I’m glad she’s telling you which plants to bring into the greenhouse. It’s getting colder her by the day. I’ve still got two plants that the cold hasn’t bitten yet. Won’t be long though. Take good care you guys!


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