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A day in Lerwick, which actually did me the world of good.  I had an appointment with the Consultant Anaesthetist at Gilbert Bain Hospital to discuss my pain control and future epidural steroid injections in my spine.

We also discussed my own methods of pain control. I have chronic spinal pain with intermittent agony.  Sadly, it plays rather a huge part in my life. I hate it.

During the day time I use a Painpod – a portable “physical therapy medical device”. Like a tens machine, but much, much better.

For my back, I wear a kidney shaped pad on my lower spine attached to my small machine that electronically blips, tweaks and squeezes all day long.

I can change the settings according to my pain needs.   Brilliant for sciatica and has seen me through many desperate times. I can spend my day feeling capable and happy without thinking “I hurt, therefore I am”.  This machine is worth every penny to buy, easy and cheap to run (charges off a USB port), while efficient and discreet.  I love it and happily showed it my Consultant who was very interested.  I cannot rate the Painpod highly enough.  It changed my life.   They are also a very helpful company to deal with.  If you want to buy one, tell them I sent you!

Before I go to bed, I lie on an acupressure mat  for at least an hour. I sleep very well and very deeply throughout the night. When I don’t use it, I don’t sleep.

Plus the Turmoil – turmeric capsules from The Golden Paste Company. Lambie is living proof their turmeric works and now so am I.  I wouldn’t take any other brand of capsule and would panic if I ran out.  I can feel the pills working.  One in the morning and one in the evening.

The combination of these three essential things in my life are what keep me upright and active during the day, and give me a good sleep at night. I love sleep. It is the answer to all my prayers.

Anyway, it was a very useful appointment. We decided I could have more injections when my usual options stop working.  Shit happens and then my back gives up (this I know) so I am glad to have Plan B.

7 thoughts on “Pain Control

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    How wonderful that you had such a useful and helpful conversation with the Consultant Frances!

    I am going to recommend your pain management techniques to others and those particular GP capsules too!

    Lovely pictures x

  2. simone

    I am sorry you have to live with so much pain still. But happy the mat works so well for you! That is what I hoped- I love how simple it is to use. I do hope you find even more good things to help you feel better! xx

  3. Dee

    This is very interesting ! Philip has chronic back pain and as a last resort our GP suggested a TENS machine. It has proved a transformative god-send and our new pain consultant also madly approves (his wife swears by one) . He sleeps right through the night, which he never did before (he does wakes briefly to restart the TENS, as it switches off after 30 minutes) but he falls straight back to sleep.
    I have never heard of a Painpod and will investigate this, also turmeric…,

  4. Peter

    Interesting. I have a very bad back with some pain most of the time which is beginning to effect my life. My physical therapist mentioned something like the Painpod. I saw my doctor yesterday and he gave me a referral to a pain control clinic. Hope it works.

  5. Alex

    Hi Frances,

    This is Alex from PainPod here. Firstly thank you so much for this amazing review! I was hoping we could share it? Would you mind emailing me on so i can get your permission?

    Thanks so much,


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