Lovely Lily

Feeling nostalgic, I was looking back at Lilja’s baby photos.

In my eyes she is still the same little Lilja as when she had just arrived.

Just a bit bigger and she definitely has her father’s gorgeous head.

Lilja’s one aim in life is to be by your side.

She spies me and comes from one end of the field to say hello, happily leaving Hetja and Brá without a second thought.

We haven’t done much with her recently.  I went round picking up each foot and she happily lifted them up like it was an every day occurrence.  No headcollar, no nothing.  She needs a good brush but half of me thinks while it is still hailing (in June?) then it would be unfair to her so she remains a happy scruff-bag.

Lilja has been brilliant these past few days supporting Brá in her hour of need.  Between Lilja and Hetja, they have gently guided and stayed with Brá, giving her space and time.  She knows they are there for her.  I am very proud of them all (*** sniff, wipe and blow ***).

You can tell who is the boss in this film.

After a nice chat with Lilja, some carrot distribution to them all, a quick check up on Brá and look at Hetja’s progress, I went home, followed of course by Lilja (you are never knowingly on your own!)

A dear girl.  A real credit to her family.


2 thoughts on “Lovely Lily

  1. Carol E.

    Such lovely ladies! And so well mannered. In Lilja’s baby picture, her front legs are crossed so gracefully. Wow!


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