Our Stable

Winter is when we use our stable (ok, big shed with sections) most.  First in are the sheep who get their breakfast.

Madge, ‘Bert and ‘Ster eat together….

…. while Lambie and Edna eat in the smaller area.  Lambie hates being hassled when he’s eating (‘Bert, ‘Ster and Madge are always swapping around). He can get very agitated.  Edna gets extra because she is old.  This system works very well.

When everyone has finished, they get booted out ready for the second sitting, if the weather is disgusting, like today.

We brought Haakon, Iacs and Klængur in to have their breakfast – Haakon eats separately as he, like Lambie, gets very narky when disturbed from his bucket.  After everyone has finished, we put out the haynets and Iacs and Klængur have to join Haakon.  Yes, it is a bit of a squish but as they all get along very well, it is not a problem.  We did try Klængur in with the others, where there is more room, but they picked on him as he hated that so he quickly went back in with the Old Men.

Then it is time for the third sitting.  The young ones come in.  Three haynets plus a pile of hay – all equal, all measured.

When the old men leave to go back to their field, this lot get their buckets.  It may sound very complicated but actually our system works for the set-up we have.  I think the “proof of the pudding” is that everyone is very settled and relaxed, keeping the weight on and happy.




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