Our Loki’s Parentage

Loki – remember him?  We gave him a home nearly 2 and a half years ago when he had been picked up wandering the streets of Elgin.

Meet Loki

Loki has travelled a long journey since then, both mentally and physically and become a lovely dog who is very much part of the family.


I have always wondered what his parentage was and, as BeAnne’s DNA proved so interesting, I was given another kit for Christmas so I could have Loki’s tested too.


Now I was told by my mother (who is also a keen lurcher fan and owner) that if you want to create a mini-deerhound, you cross a Bedlington Terrier with a Greyhound.  So I was not surprised to receive this……

EN008154-wo (dragged)

Someone knew exactly what they wanted to breed for many generations but why Loki happened on the streets of Elgin, we will never know.


It may be because he loves getting into cars or vans, particularly white ones so perhaps he got lost hitching a lift.


The fur is a cheap variety – nylon on top with a brindle base (that would be the greyhound part).


EN008154-wo (dragged) 1

The Bedlington bit is the bouncy terrier side, I think and smaller size.

EN008154-wo (dragged) 2

I am not a huge fan of the “Lamb cut” but I can see why Lambie and Ster feel they have an affinity with Loki.


I will leave you to see any of these other breeds in him.  Saluki maybe, but American Staffordshire terrier (aka Pitbull), I think not but that might explain his quick temper when he first arrived (happy to report he is much better now).

EN008154-wo (dragged) 3


6 thoughts on “Our Loki’s Parentage

  1. John Davies

    That explains a lot; I’ve liked the looks of Loki; seemed like a good spirit as well as can be told in pictures and words!

  2. Sharrie Brockhaus

    My SIL raises and shows Amerian Staffordshire Terriers, and they are wonderful dogs. Nothing like the “pitbull” reputation. She always has one that works in libraries and nursing homes and hospitals. Loki takes after the real AST not the pitbull, I guess.

  3. Sam

    Love the picture of his face! A card perhaps! Having just gotten home from the Westminster Dog Show in New York City, I can see the greyound and the Bennington in him. We were cheering on friends’ Spanish Water Dogs at Westminster – in for the very first time!


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