So, in my opinion and many other folk, we think Hetja is pregnant.

These opinions sometimes have percentages of chance attached to them.  For instance, one person thinks Hetja is 80% pregnant.  Last week, I would’ve agreed.  A few days ago, I was beginning to get my head around the fact that we would probably only see one foal this year.  But this week Hetja’s entire body shape changed.  My photos really don’t capture her pregnancy belly but really it has all dropped a bit and she is much much wider.

And now I look at these pictures I took today and think Hetja looks very unpregnant again.  Maybe it is just the camera angle.

Floss thinks Hetja is one of those women who wore their size 8 jeans all through pregnancy, possibly never knowing only to have a slight stomach ache in Tesco’s and then giving birth in the loos to a perfectly normal sized baby.

It is also difficult because Brá is most definitely pregnant at us.

There is no trying to hide her foal.  Hopefully it won’t be too long now.  Brá is beginning to change shape too. Her bottom has gone sort of saggy-pointy.

And we all know who is to blame for all of this.  Mostly because Taktur never stops shouting to the mares who do their best to ignore him.

Time will tell.

8 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. Sam

    I do think she is pregnant but hiding from you because she knows it makes you nuts. Poor Bra! Saggy bottom blues.

  2. Dona

    We waited for months for an older, fatter Jacob ewe to lamb this Spring. We could not tell if she had been bred by our first time ram (six months old) who she fought with the entire breeding season. When we finally got tired of watching every day and waiting, even penning her on some evenings when we thought she would lamb overnight. After she was past any possible due date, we gave up thinking she was pregnant. Two weeks later, she lambed with two darling, very small, lambs. They are healthy and 8 weeks old now.

    So my opinion is, Hetja is pregnant ;-).

  3. M in NC

    Can you spend enough time with Hetja to see if there is a kicking/wiggling foal? Will she let you get in some grooming or a little hand massage?
    Or get a peek at her under-carriage 🙂 ? She can’t hide a growing udder.

    M in NC

  4. Sharyne Picone

    Hello Frances,
    Just wanted to let you know that I have received my parcel of your lovely tea towels down here in Australia. For anyone thinking of purchasing some of these I cannot rate them high enough! Photos do not do them justice they are beautiful. Kind regards, Sharyne


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