Lerwick from the Top

Another trip to The Big L (or Lerwick as it is known).  Lots to do but at one stage I found myself having to wait in the van for a while.  I had parked on the top of the hill (Hillhead).  Not somewhere I normally am and I thought “why not get out, go for a walk and photograph some of the sights I don’t usually see”.

Lerwick means “bay of clay” but, as well as houses and shops on the shoreline, there is also a big hill behind where most of the residential houses were built.

So here is our local library situated in St. Ringan’s Church which was sold to the Council for a £1 in the 1980’s and rennovated for use in 2002. It is a superb library and we don’t have library fines – they were abolished!

The town hall was built in 1884 and is home to the town council meetings and various do’s.

They have particularly good lanterns that stand either side of the front door.

Across the road is the War Memorial erected to commemorate the residents of Shetland who were killed or missing in World War I and World War II.

A little further down are the County Buildings where the Procurator Fiscal presides over the Sheriff Court.

And this is my most favourite building in Lerwick – The Garrison Theatre – a tiny community theatre that is like something out of the Muppets complete with red plush fold-up chairs in rows.  Sadly no box for Statler and Waldorf but even so it is always a treat to go and see any show here.

There are various lanes that lead down between the houses to the main street.

It was a good wander. I even met a friend, sadly not Tommy, but a chattie cattie, nonetheless.






7 thoughts on “Lerwick from the Top

  1. Michelle

    Loved this broader look of your scenic city! I would so love to visit someday, but am afraid I might choose to be a stowaway on your island – and then what would my family and animals back in the States do???

  2. Margaret Robinson

    What a pleasure. Some of the buildings we’ve seen, but it’s good to see some new places and from a residents view. Thanks!

  3. Rebecca

    I know everyone raves about Frankie’s fish and chips in Brae, but we actually preferred the one next to Harry’s. I can just spot it in the photo and it brings back happy (if not very healthy!) memories. Our apartment was a few minutes walk away and on a cold night …well, the temptation was sometimes too great.

    Lovely photos.

    1. Frances Post author

      Absolutely agree. The Fort Fish and Chips are, in my humble opinion, the best. (had them for lunch!)


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