One Big White Cat

As it raining and I haven’t been out, here are a few photos today of our Monster – aka White Panther (yes, this is actually written on his veterinary notes).

Here he is in the indoor school “helping” Daisy.

And then on MY chair. Apparently if I am not using it, then it is fair game.

And on the furniture – a most heinous crime in my book and I am very glad I didn’t know about this (the photo is from Floss’ phone – she kept it quiet).

I mostly find Monster spread out on BeAnne’s towel.

Twice a day I sit on the floor with BeAnne under my arm and syringe food and medication into her. This is our routine and it seems to work.  She is still with us.

Sometimes Monster gets there first, like a European holidaymaker grabbing the best sun-lounger spot with his towel!

I told you it was raining.  Tomorrow I will do better, I promise.

8 thoughts on “One Big White Cat

  1. Elva

    Don’t worry about tomorrow; you did great today! Any day with Monster in it is a good one in my book!

  2. Linda K

    He’s looks like a very self satisfied cat, as well he might be. I’m always surprised at how large he looks.

  3. Sam

    While I am sorry you have to pour food into BeAnne, I am very happy she is still with you (and us) to charm all she meets. As for the White Cruise Ship you call a cat….he seems very well content with his life. And that is a good thing.

  4. Shelley

    So Lambie is allowed in the house (when OH isn’t around) but Monster isn’t allowed on the furniture???!!!!!
    I’m guessing he sheds. 😉

    And does OH stand for ‘Old Husband’ or ‘ Other Half’?

  5. Linda

    What a beautiful guy (don’t tell him that; it’ll go straight to his head). Monster is definitely his own man, right?


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