On the Road

Sadly, it was time to leave Røros and hit the road.  Places to go, people to see.

Our first proper stop was at Tynset – home of the World’s Largest Kick Sledge – 5.25 m long, 3.72 m wide and 11.60 m tall.  Apparently it is 5 times the size of an ordinary kick sledge.  I loved the little children playing on it like a climbing frame.  So sweet.

We visited a lovely shop that sold the traditional Norwegian national costume.

Serious wow!

Such amazing beautiful detail.

They also sold wool and craft things too.

Lambie buttons!

I managed to indulge my love of icicles!

Our friend, neighbour, host and driver, Tore, very kindly said if I wanted him to stop to take photos, I was just to say!

So I did.


I loved the mountains.

We drove past Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park – home of musk ox (we saw none) and Rondane National Park – home of reindeer (yup, none) and everywhere, apparently in Norway, is heaving with moose – none!

But the trees.  So many trees!

After Tynset, we went onto Ringebu Stave Church – originally built in the 13th century, a bit more in 17th century and then fully restored in 1921.

It was stunning.

(another Narnia moment)

And, yes, more icicles.

Norway is a beautiful place even if I never saw a moose.


6 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Gwen

    Well my dear Frances I have enjoyed traveling with you on your scenic route and enjoyed the wonderful pictures of the horses and raindeer, It has been really great and so pleased that you were there to bring all the wonder back with you for us all to see— Bless you

  2. SusanF

    Golly, I agree with Gwen and Terri. What a fabulous trip! I, too, love the reindeer and the horses, but also the happy faces of the people. About your visit to the parks without seeing any moose or reindeer there; that happened to some friends and I when we went to Yellowstone National Park and didn’t see any bison. Ahhhh but it was beautiful anyway.

    Thank you for you wonderful blog. Susan

  3. Sam

    You actually don;t want to meet a moose on the road – they are HUGE and unpredicatable. But if this is Life Goal, come across the pond and my sister, Meg (aka The Moose Magnet) will take you to Vermont or New Hampshire to see one. Love the icicles!

  4. Nancy

    That is the only word I can seem to use for all of your photos! Wow!

    The details in the costumes…
    The beautiful church…


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