On my Hollibobs!

Today is the first day of my holiday. I am currently sitting in a train station lounge waiting to board the sleeper train from Aberdeen to Euston tonight.  I flew down this afternoon in a relatively uneventful flight. Though the landing was a tad feisty.

I may have eaten my weight in free shortbread but no one is counting. The hot choccie is made of water which is disgusting but I am still drinking it.

Exciting times ahead and tomorrow morning I will be in London.

I’ve left Pepper on her best behaviour with a promise not to run away in my absence and Floss is holding the fort at home so all is well.  Poor lass has filthy weather ahead this weekend.  I am feeling rather guilty.

Possibly more tomorrow, though please bear with me as I am writing this on my iPad, which does not bring out the best in anyone.



10 thoughts on “On my Hollibobs!

  1. Judith

    Enjoy your holiday, Frances! Well deserved! If you go to Tate Britain you could see “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose” with your Great-great-aunt Kate’s cousins in the picture.

      1. Judith

        Excellent! Unfortunately the portrait of Mrs Frederick Barnard which is at Tate Britain was not on display when I went but you never know …

  2. Kris

    Enjoy your trip!
    Any little tidbits you can share will be a treat for us.
    But don’t let it get in the way of your fun!


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