Arrived and Shopping!

The Caledonian Sleeper rolled into Euston Station at a very civilised 8 am, which was perfect.  From henceforth this is the only way to travel. The experience was very similar to the boat but without the waves – so a happy and rested me.

I am staying with my sister in south London so we decided to hit the shops.  First the local ones for provisions and then onwards.

Wwe hopped on a train and went to the new Battersea Power Station which was amazing.  When I lived in London before moving to Shetland, I used to see it regularly as I have always lived south of the river. In those days the power station was derelict and the area pretty grotty so it was incredible to see the massive change and surrounding building work too.

As we went out fairly early, the shops were all fairly empty, but filled up later during the day.

And I may have visited the Apple Store and  I just may have bought a little something for myself.

All shopped out, we went home via this place but we didn’t go in as we would’ve definitely come out with something or rather a someone.

It took rather a lot of willpower to walk past empty handed but we told ourselves we were being sensible. 

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