On Boat

So here we are, Flossie and I, on the MV Hjaltland (ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen) going south to Edinburgh for Daisy’s graduation.

We left OH in charge with BeAnne supervising and yes, I did write a list of specific feeding instructions for everyone which I then emailed to OH so he knows all that is required.

It has been a filthy day so I moved everyone to better fields and am hoping they are still alive upon our return on Friday morning.

Haakon and Iacs were moved to an uneaten down paddock with the gate open into the hill field.

There is a lovely useful shed and Haakon promptly took up residence refusing to ever let Iacs inside.

He is such a meanie and I told him so, but Iacs is happy enough as there is grass.

The Boyzenberries are on strict instructions not to leave to go and live in the hill. To be perfectly honest, I am not hopeful on this score but they are fat so if they go, they go and I’ll fetch them back upon my return.

So that’s us. Ready to hit Edinburgh and maybe the odd shop. Apparently there is a Christmas Market.

5 thoughts on “On Boat

  1. Kerry

    Well done Daisy.
    And what a lovely trip for you all. Look forward to photos of the graduand and her proud Mamma (you are allowed humongous amounts of parental pride )

    Wishing you all a wonderful and memorable day x

  2. Sam

    Congrats to Daisy! Safe travels to Mum and Sister. Good luck to OH keeping all the critters alive and in their proper fields.

  3. Cathy

    Shoulda gone to Specsavers, read the ferry name as Hjaltiland!

    Hope you have a wonderful time and a special celebration. Congratulations to Daisy, and commiserations to your OH. I’m sure he’ll cope without you but will be glad to see you all back safely.


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