We had the “trip from Hell”. The boat bounced (ugh!) it’s way to Aberdeen and then we took the train to Edinburgh. Well, that was the plan. Due to a sinkhole opening up at Leuchars, we took the scenic route with three trains (via Dundee and Stirling) to Waverley Station.

Edinburgh is looking wonderful, all beautifully lit up for Christmas.

That was last night. Today, we hit the shops. It rained all day but we managed to go into every shop. There is probably nothing left in Edinburgh now and I shall be making sheep until the day I die.

Merry Go Round

The Christmas market was excellent and I am now exhausted.



6 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. Margaret Robinson

    ‘Tis gaudy, beautiful and mesmerizing all at the same time! One day we’ll get brave enough to venture forth on a Christmas Holliday there – well maybe.

    Glad you enjoyed yourselves. MMR

  2. diane in northern wis

    Sorry to hear about your awful travels….but glad you made it to Edinburgh. Looks like a beautiful place and I love all the things at market. Hope Daisy’s graduation goes great and that you all have a wonderful visit together on such a big occasion! Congratulations Daisy and to your family too!

  3. Cathy

    I saw the news item about the sinkhole and wondered if you would be affected. Glad you got there eventually.

    Edinburgh looks stunning lit up for Christmas, I have some very special memories of this beatiful city, and those goodies at the Craft Fair are beautiful.

    Now you can relax and enjoy Daisy’s graduation, hope you all have a lovely time.

  4. Sam

    The things we do for those we love. The markets are amazing as are the decorations. Love shopping thru another’s eyes and wallet.


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