Olympic Games Selection Team

Another day, another lesson but this time with a very critical audience watching.

Flossie can tack up Iacs on her own now.  I left her to it but checked it before she got on.  All was fine, though I tightened the drop noseband by one hole because I am mean like that.


First, she started off by walking Iacs on a long rein so he could stretch down and trundle along with his nose on the floor.


Then she gradually gathered up the reins and the work began.  Note the addition of the purple crop.  It is more of a visual aid for Iacs as he was about to go to nod-off   If Iacs knows his rider has it, then he wakes up.  It has never actually been used.


The Art of Steering was mastered.


Trot or Bimble, as it is known, went along nicely – this is a little known Icelandic gait.


Even canter on both reins.  Go Team Flossie!

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Watching carefully and making notes were the Olympic Games Selection Committee.


They even checked one of the obstacles to make sure it was positioned correctly.


The final obligatory nose-wheel walk.


After the lesson, Flossie said her legs and bum ached.  I told her this meant she had used them to ride as opposed to being a passenger.  Iacs had his “no comment” face on.


After the tiniest carrot reward, Iacs was returned to his field while was Flossie was left to face a rigorous questioning from the Olympic Games Selection Committee who were both in agreement that she did very well at that weird riding thing!


12 thoughts on “Olympic Games Selection Team

  1. Jean Ward

    Frances, your commentaries are so true. I now look you up every day just to reassure me that there are still good folk like you out there in the horsey world.

  2. Vicki

    Yeay Flossie! She looks great, so straight in the saddle. Good for Iacs being such a good partner. It’s been so long since I’ve ridden, really need to get out and do it.

  3. Cassie

    I’ve been looking at the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders site, trying to figure out what colors and patterns Lambie is. White and dark brown, with touches of black on the legs? Blaget or ilget, with yuglet, mullit or mirkface head and sokket legs?

    It amuses me that I’d been told there were about 11 names for the coulors of Shetland fleece, but no mention of the 30-odd names for the colouring patterns. (Also that Lambie has 3 “normal” colours (white, brown and black) but none of the lyric colours (mioget, shaela, emsket, etc.)).

    And what about Lambert?

    I think you should expect some competition for their fleeces in spring — maybe a little auction to raise money for the foal milk service?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you.

      Lambie – I think he is Flecket, basically black and white
      Lambert – I think he is moorit.

      I will ask my postman. He is a sheep expert too!


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