Oh, Harry!

Little Harry likes his grub.  He happily tries everything, from his Mother’s breakfast, biscuits, string, gates, anything really. He will try to eat it.

Today, when Maggie brought Harry up with her for her second breakfast (she is a little known hobbit breed of sheep), Harry discovered the sheepie lick bucket.

Oh yes!  In he went.  I watched him try to get both front legs in, while he was bouncing on the back end.

And that was it, head down and lick…..

He occasionally came up for air.

Maggie ignored this and continued to eat around him.

A little while later, she tried mentioning that maybe he had had enough.

And to be fair, Harry did lift his head and walk around the bucket.

But no, straight back in and off he went….

He looked like a naughty kid who has been caught with the cookie jar.

I left them for a little while longer.

And then, after a good 15 minutes, I thought maybe Harry might have had as much as any small lamb should have so I took the bucket away and hid it.

(From the shed door) – Harry was very unimpressed.

But Maggie had long since left Harry to his bucket and, as he refused to go with her, he sat down and refused to budge.  She refused to go back and collect him and she sat down too – the other side of the fence.  So I picked him up, still in his sitting position, and ceremoniously carried him to her! I got not thanks for that.

Small Harry is a strong-willed little chap and he likes his own way and if don’t get his own way, he ain’t budging for anyone (or unless he is carried)!  The lick bucket will be rationed!

5 thoughts on “Oh, Harry!

  1. Sam

    Oh the Foibles of Harry! Falling in love with the lick bucket. Ignoring Mum (he is certainly giving attitude as good as Madge!) Thanks for the good chuckle.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Seems we’re learning more about that Harry every day. Love seeing your pics and your comments on the newest sheeple at your house. Always so fun to read your blog, Frances, and see your great pictures too.

  3. Linda

    Harry is such a cutie-pie (and trouble-making child) – I wish there had been a photo of you carrying him to his mom…


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