Officially Weaned

The pregnant ladies have been moved to a new field. The time has come.

Efstur is now officially weaned and Hjalti is still his best friend.  He will now get a mug of hard feed to make up for his lack of Muzzah!  He didn’t seem too upset.  Brá never looked back.

Making the most of a lull in the fierce winter weather, we left Haakon in charge while we moved ponies about today.

I decided to take all my Shetland ponies out of Sandness to let my fields recover for the Summer.  Needs must.

They have been moved to my two new-to-me fields much nearer to home.

The neighbours seem nice.

There is space and, once Storm has decided which leg he doesn’t want to be lame on, then he and Tiddles will join them.

Those two dark dots in the far distance are Hetja and Brá are in their green field where they can now concentrate on growing their babies.

The fields do adjoin and the whole area is divided into two huge fields – hill for the Shetlands and green pasture for the preggie ladies.

It is perfect.

I think everyone will be very happy here.

The best Shetland pony and Icelandic horse environment.

A natural environment.


4 thoughts on “Officially Weaned

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Hello —

    I don’t often write comments on blogs, but just in case you think no one is out there —— apparently there are a lot of us! This is a wonderful blog and as a horse owner of one, I truly appreciate seeing all you do (and don’t understand how you do it all).

    Thank you for making my day in reading your posts – they are all interesting and sometimes informative. You all work so hard and the animals love you!

  2. Carol Morley

    I’m sure they are all enjoying your new fields. I was thinking of you all as the storms hit and so relieved you made it through safe and well. Yesterday was such a nice day in West Lothian; I’m glad to see you had some blue sky too.


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