Off To The Beach!

Daisy, Floss and I, along with Loki and BeAnne, went to the beach for a dog walk.   We haven’t been for ages and were in the area, de-lousing Lyra.


We all enjoy the beach.  No, really.  This is BeAnne’s “I wanted to swim, but it is a bit freezing” face!


I don’t blame her.  No one else was in the water.  Not even the seals.  Still, the sea was a lovely colour.


So we walked up and down the beach and yes, BeAnne is on her spring pre-bikini diet, as she has enjoyed the winter a bit too much, so calories were burned.


Daisy and Floss held the dogs while I walked away, turned and called them to me. They raced and I took these photos.  I love their faces and their ears.  Loki is much faster than BeAnne (that would be the greyhound in him).  He runs effortlessly, while BeAnne runs with huge concentration to get to me.

BN2A8693 BN2A8694 BN2A8695

I think this is my favourite photo as they are both in sync together.


Daisy has gone back now and it was the best Spring break ever!


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