Off the Beaten Track

There are roads in Shetland I go past and think “I must drive down there one day” but I never do.

So, today, we did!


We were in Tresta anyway (on the sunny westside of Shetland) and, after our appointment, Floss and I went exploring down a road I have always wanted to see what was at the end of.  It was a lovely day, I had my cameras, my camera-holder (Floss) and it seemed like a good idea.

We found this!  The entrance to Sandsound Voe.


There were some lived-in houses en route but the end of the road was more of a beauty spot than a place of habitation.  This is Runna Ness or Runnaness.

BN2A3284L1180505 BN2A3274

(I had a bit of a play with my cameras, I will admit)


And look – Trees!


So, it was a very interesting little exploration and I must do this again definitely with my cameras.


4 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Track

  1. Cate

    Beautiful evocative photos. I wonder who lived there? Abandoned croft houses always make me feel a bit sad. My ancestors left Shetland in the late 19th century.


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