Visiting and Carrots

There was a break in the rain today so Floss and I made a dash for it to take the dogs out for a walk and to drop off a package at our neighbours.

Obviously, Lambie had to come too.  He noisily insisted so I put a collar and lead on him to keep him off my neighbour’s beautiful garden.


We were all invited in.  Yes, even Lambie.  Evelyn used to Lambie-sit (voluntarily) when he was little and needed regular feeds, if I had to go out.

Lambie was “quite” well-behaved but my neighbours were thrilled to see him, so all was forgiven – I did warn them.


After the dog walk, we went to see the horses and ponies or, as Flossie so succinctly put it, we went into a crack den with a bag of drugs (carrots).  I am trying very hard not to ask how she knows about this experience.  Perhaps she has seen Trainspotting, I am thinking hopefully.


They do like their carrots.


And there were some crazy hairstyles, mad eyes and silly faces today!

L1180444L1180463L1180416 L1180418

Tiddles is the worst, or best, depending on your outlook, for doing “weird”.  Bless him.  He actually is the most normal of all the Shetland ponies.  He is very grounded and is now a lovely little outgoing lad.


No malice, ever…..


…..just the best kisses!


8 thoughts on “Visiting and Carrots

  1. Terri

    Just sitting here, smiling! What a life those lucky ponies have! And “Lambie on a Leash”? :))) He’s a pretty lucky lad too….

  2. Cass

    Your ponies have such an amazing range of expressions. I think the lower 1/3 of their cute faces has a lot more muscle and agility than horses I know. Browsing and pony bitey games must give them lots of lippy exercise. Cute!


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