Off South

Today, I have been busy ironing and packing to go south to see my family for a couple of days.

I have left my OH with specific instructions for the animals and hopefully they will all be here when I return on Tuesday.

I am very easily distracted – anything not to iron so we (2 dogs, 2 sheep and me) all went for a walk after lunch.  This time I took ‘Ster as I wanted to see if he had learned his lesson about wandering off.  He was as good as gold and, though he went to speak to the other hill sheep, he didn’t stay with them and came straight back to me when I called him.

‘Ster looks very dignified with his “new look”.


But he is very subdued and, after the walk, we all had a sit down and a chat.  Maybe he got a bit of a shock yesterday and hated being so cold.


Lambie reminds me of when he was a little Lamb or a puppet.  He still has his winning smile, though, which he goes round practising on folk to see if they will give him his favourite treats!


Continuing with my diversions instead of packing, I went to see Efstur, Brá and Hetja, taking some apples with me.


Efstur is getting braver and braver.  He wanders around, quietly followed by his mother and then Hetja.

BN2A3962 BN2A3968

I am not looking forward to my trip – the actual travelling.  It is hot in England and I will miss my family.  Not sure whether they will miss me, though!


Once I am south it will be fine but I find it very difficult explaining my way of life.  I don’t really fit in and these days I have very different priorities.


8 thoughts on “Off South

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    BEST PICTURE EVER of you all chatting! I would pay money if you were to print it and sell it. When I backpacked with my goats as pack animals, my favorite part was upon arrival, we would have a lie down together. Goats make comfy pillows. Your photo brings back sweet memories for me.

  2. Terri

    Have a good trip, Frances! You have a beautiful way of life, no need to explain. (your photos tell it all!) xo

  3. robin

    Explaining your way of life?!?!??! We’re all ready to move in with OH, Daisy, Flossie, the animules, and you! No explanation necessary, Frances!

  4. Elisabeth

    No Frances, its not hot here (in England) . I’m in Hertfordshire and the last 3 days have been extremely cold. I’ve even had the heating back on. Come on SUMMER weather please.

  5. Darby

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip Frances. I can understand how hard it would be to leave, if only for a few days.

  6. Linda

    Oh, come now – you’re not sure if you’ll be missed? Silly woman…I can’t wait to see the reception you get when you come back!


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