Odd! Me?

Veterinary (said in a “James Herriot” Yorkshire accent, please) came to Thordale for Esja’s vet inspection as she is sold.

While he was here, I asked him to look at Delia because, you know me, I worry.


Apart from being a bit stiff in her legs (old laminitis many years back before her time at Thordale), he said she was doing well.  I was very relieved as I had asked Floss yesterday whether now was the time and she emphatically shouted at me “no”.


Lambie and Ster showed off by bouncing around the shed – Veterinary (NB: the Herriot voice, please), said they were very funny and good entertainment.  He then said the media would love to hear about an odd woman who kept tame sheep like dogs.

Ahem!  (who is he calling odd?)

I think it is perfectly normal.  More people should have tame dog-like sheep.  Best fun ever.


Btw, this is a true all-four-feet off the ground bounce by Ster.  He can boing along like this with sheer happiness for yards!


As today was a beautiful calm Shetland winter day,  I mooched around the croft taking photos of everyone up round the house.


These days are rare but it was nice to see everyone chillaxing (did I seriously just write that cringeworthy word?)


(look at Hjalti’s little k-nobbly k-nees – he is such a darling).


We tend to wear our food here.


I am still in shock at being called “odd”.  Me?  Who knew?!



14 thoughts on “Odd! Me?

  1. Karen

    Esja sold? Sob. How will I cope without seeing her lovely ears? I was so hoping to meet your Icelandic girls properly on our annual Shetland jaunt this summer, especially now they are at home with you. Oh well such is life. Oh and by the way if you are odd you are a lovely odd and I want some sleepy dog pets when we migrate up too so I must fall into the odd category too. Looking forward to catching up in the summer. We have managed to find another property to rent at the Bridge of Walls so not too far away from the one we usually have (now sold…boo) at Waas.

      1. Karen

        Can’t wait…that will be awesome…counting the weeks down now that we have hit January. Ferry booked and coming last two weeks of July this year.

  2. Celeste

    HE is the odd one, YOU are perfectly normal. He is a vet, he should know better. Many animals would LOVE to interact more with humans, if we would only learn their language and let them hang around us, as you do.

  3. Carol

    I think your veterinary has been out of school and in the fields too long: he seems unaware of the new breed cross Shog: sheep raised with/as/by dogs. I want one so badly — but your comments about your shogs shouting at you have given me pause in my tight suburban neighborhood.

    I SHALL get to Shetland in 2016. I SHALL. (With a suitcase of See’s candies). Pondering a summer knitting tour vs October Wool Week….

  4. Linda K

    Odd indeed! The cheek of the man. I’d rather like a sheep to keep, my garden could possible accommodate just the one. I’ll miss Esja and hope she’ll be loved and will not miss her friends too much. So glad Delia got the thumbs up. She looks very. .. substantial, as does Vitamin. That’s good isn’t it?
    Hjalti’s having a snooze!

  5. Sam

    You are not odd – given the popularity of this blog. The vet is the bonkers one. I wish i could have LambDog or two bouncing on the lawn. But not in my neighborhood. 🙁 And ‘chilaxing’ seems appropriate given the local temps. So listen to Flossie about Delia, ignore the silly vet about your “pets” and carry on for our enjoyment!

  6. Peter Mehlin

    All the best people are “odd”, I wouldn’t want to know anyone who isn’t. Wish I had room for a sheep or two!


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