Obsession and Infatuation

BeAnne is obsessed.


She loves her bally-ball no matter what.  It goes everywhere with her at the moment.


We don’t dare take it away from her.  No one would dare.


Meanwhile, Taktur is still in love.  However, it is not reciprocated.


Klaengur is beginning to get a bit pissed off by his friend’s behaviour so he decided to tell him.


Despite the obsession and the infatuation, Daisy and I had some time today riding or working with the horses.

BN2A0905   BN2A0951

I am starting Klanegur again as he has had so much time off work.  It has not done him any harm, apart from his waistline, and hopefully we can retune his brain into thinking more relaxed thoughts.


It was lovely spending “quality time” (yuck to that phrase) with the boys in the summer sunshine.  A perfect Sunday in my eyes.


I honestly do not miss shops, a social life or material things as long as I have my horses nearby to talk to.


Oh yes, and Bjørn rode Taktur and he was very happy with him.   Not bad for a 5 year old stallion.



I love Shetland summers.  So much gets done without the interference of bad weather.  It was a long winter.

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