Klaengur Comes Home

Today was a very important day…the day to return Klaengur to Thordale, so he could start his exercise again (seems like a foreign concept to him right now) and lose some weight.


Our first stop was Jo’s to drop off Fakur and collect Klaengur.

We unloaded him from the trailer and (re)introductions were made.


Taktur didn’t seem to remember his travel buddy from Iceland. Instead Klaengur was exotic and exciting and smelled like girls. Taktur was smitten (if not a bit confused).


There was much squealing. Anyone would think they sounded like a bunch of girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Uncanny.


Meanwhile, Hakon and Iacs remained apart from all the drama, preferring to watch from a distance. A very wise choice. One has to watch out for those bloody kids nowadays.


The love story continued between Taktur and Klaengur.


I think Taktur will eventually work out that Klaengur is not the woman for him.


But a girl can dream…


Next, the minions decided to make themselves known with much giggling and running up and down the fences.


And love continued to blossom in the face of adversity.


And the bottom…


Klaengur will just have to get used to this unwanted attention and of course the adoration of his new fans.


Welcome home, Klaengur! The summer is only just beginning and it should be a good one.


4 thoughts on “Klaengur Comes Home

  1. Karen

    It doesn’t look as though you need the minions to chase him, Taktur is doing that for you 😀 Poor Taktur….how very confusing for him, all that tantalising girl smell….

  2. Rebecca Final

    Not sure if it is Hakon or Iacs, but that forelock makes quite a statement. A little bit of an afro going on there.


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