Not Speaking

No one is speaking to these three.

They did it again.  Lilja and Sóley.

When I went in for my breakfast, after feeding the sheeple and putting them out into their daytime field, I looked over to check everyone was in the right field.  These days it is second nature to me.

I remember thinking to myself that it was “interesting” that Hetja allowed Lilja and Sóley to wander so far from her and how nice that she obviously trusted Lilja with her youngest daughter but they were all in their rightful field, together.

My usual breakfast and then I went back out only to find that now Lilja and Sóley were standing the other side of the fence in my neighbour’s field again.  Oh, fer crying out loud.

Displeased, I rallied the troops (my daughters, Daisy and Flossie), my digger driver who happened to arrive to start work on a ditch, plus two friends who were coming to ride out.

So, now armed with wire cutters and pliers, headcollars and carrots we marched out to the now-getting-rather-repetitive scene.

I caught Hetja and everyone else walked up and down the fence to see where and how they had got over.

No sign of anything.  Did they fly? My wonderful digger driver found a place in the wire fence where it had been joined together and then carefully dismantled the wire fence so we could lead Lilja over and Sóley followed.

Once over the fence, it was quickly repaired and we walked Hetja, Lilja and Sóley over to Clothie, my five acre field over the hill.  Yes, there is less food there and no, I don’t honestly care if they all starve.  For the moment, they can rot in hell!  Twice, yes twice they have done this fence flying and I am seriously dischuffed with the lot of ’em.



6 thoughts on “Not Speaking

  1. diane in northern wis

    Oh my Frances! Such a tale of two naughties! How are they getting over into that field? What a mystery. You would think it would be easy to spot but evidently not. Hope things go better for you and for them in the very near future and that they get enough to eat while they’re in Clothie. Thanks for sharing your latest pains!

  2. M in NC

    Someone needs a tracking device attached to their bum ;). Perhaps it could be braided/sewn into a certain long dark tail of forlock? that would at least put you in the vicinity of the ‘secret gate’. Since you and the girls are pros, I am guessing that there wasn’t any hair stuck in fencing to point out the exit?

    M in NC


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