Not so Little Himself

I went to see Little Himself, aka Hjalti, yesterday only he is not so-little anymore.  Maybe I should change his nickname to Mahoosive Himself!


The herd have been moved into their winter field and it is much easier to talk to Hjalti and Hetja now.


He is still under the ever-watchful eye of his mother who lets nothing get past her – she is not bored of her little boy.  HJalti will not be weaned until the beginning of next year.


I love watching the unique mother/foal bond.


Like every parent and child, they have private conversations together.  If Hetja could, she would’ve spat on a corner of her hanky and wiped around his mouth!


Hetja is very beautiful.  She has expressive ears.


And I watched her “come hither” glances to Fakur.


He, of course, is completely besotted with Hetja and can often be found baby-sitting a certain young gentleman.  He likes to think of himself as a family man.


And Hjalti is into everything!


He still very shy, however, but he managed to talk to me a few times.  He touched and sniffed me with his gorgeous soft velvety-silky nose that is made of something very special.  I felt blessed and loved.



1 thought on “Not so Little Himself

  1. Terri

    I’ll bet you felt blessed and loved! Hjalti is indeed growing up. Thanks for sharing your life with these beautiful horses.


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