Aurora, Milky Way and a Draconid

The Merrie Dancers made an appearance last night.  It was a clear still autumn night and I lugged my kit outside to try and capture the magic.


It was not a huge display or, if it was, I missed it, but I managed to capture a few good photos.  If you look carefully to the right of the main light column, you will see what I think is a meteor from the Draconid meteor shower.


It could, of course be a satellite, wobble or a fly, but I am telling myself that is a meteor.


The aurora was not very long-lived but still, they are always wonderful to watch.


I stood in the wet grass, listening to Lambie gently munching or acknowledging my presence (he is next door and yes, I did gently baa to him!)  Suddenly the peace and quiet was disturbed by frantic harsh barking – BeAnne had located a hedgehog.  She has a special high-pitched bark for them.

We called her off.


I stayed for a while longer, hoping the Northern Lights would return but they didn’t.  In the meantime, I pointed my camera straight upwards, rather than to the north, and took photos of the Milky Way.

It was an experiment and, at one stage, the one kit almost fell over with the weight of the lens. I luckily caught it in time with the dangling remote control.

BN2A4105 BN2A4110

I upped the contrast on this last photo to reveal this.  I am not sure, again, whether they are stars or just the photo getting grainy.

I thought it looked a bit Star Trekkie myself.


4 thoughts on “Aurora, Milky Way and a Draconid

  1. Laura

    We got a good showing the other night all the way down in SW Scotland, we weren’t quite as good at catching our camera as you were and it had a wee swim in a puddle filled with cow slurry. As a result I’m sure I have some UFO’s in my images that are less exotic than they look!! The good news is two days on the camera has stopped making hideous grinding noises 😉


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