Never Too Old

I went out this morning to see this!

Haakon, aged 21 this year playing with Taktur, aged 6 this year!


I think Haakon started it.


And I think Taktur was very happy to join in.

BN2A4633 BN2A4640

(At this point, Haakon was a bit embarrassed and also a bit stuck.  He managed to shuffle off somehow!)


And then they piled in again.

BN2A4660 BN2A4657

I love watching the boys play.  It makes me realise that they are a strong little herd who have a great deal of time for each other.


Seconds later, after playing roughly with Haakon, Taktur was eating with Storm and they are the best of friends. Taktur wouldn’t dream of playing roughly with Storm like this but still endures endless nibbling from the Minions.


Even the most pathetic are with the strongest and no one is horrid or bullying.


And that, for me, is perfect.

7 thoughts on “Never Too Old

  1. Terri

    Ditto! Nice to see Haakon and Prince Charming playing. What a great herd dynamic (they thrive under your care)!


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