Never Seen This Flower Before

Well, we’ve still got eleven little squeakers and Mummy-Duck is doing a fabulous job.  They huddle under her outspread wings and she hisses at me every time I come into her shed to give them fresh water or food.  I think they are eating the chick-crumb as the tray looks like someone is dancing in it.  I change their water twice a day too as it is dirty so there is probably dancing in that too.

Daisy and I went to check the Minions on our way to work (packing veg for Transition Turriefield) and I saw something I have never seen before – a white Devil’s Bit Scabious flower in their field.

We have tons of purple ones, they are everywhere, but never white and there is more than one plant about, from what I could quickly see.  I will have a closer look tomorrow when I have more time.

We did briefly wonder if the white colour was from all the Sudocream we spread on Storm and Tiddles’ noses.

But we agreed it probably wasn’t as they are too busy wiping it on each other instead!

Interesting, though. I shall investigate further tomorrow when I drive over to do their daily check….

… and hug (Newt is now growing his winter coat and resembles a small baby hippopotamus!

More white flowers tomorrow, I think.

4 thoughts on “Never Seen This Flower Before

  1. Sam

    Lovely flower – I have never seen one before.
    Sorry the ducks are being, well ducks who cuss.
    Did someone forget to tell Newt that round is not the same as tall? (He is still cute, though).

  2. Jayne

    Your lovely flowers are Scabious. Most common in purple/lilac but can naturally throw a ‘sport’ which is often white and I’ve had the occasional pink one too. Superb for butterflies, native, and to the best of my knowledge NOT a danger to the ponies.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I’ve never seen or heard of that flower before….very pretty and delicate looking. I love it in the white and love it in the purple.


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