Minions in Flowers

The purple flowers (Devil’s Bit Scabious) are particularly gorgeous this year.  There seem to be more, or maybe I’ve forgotten just how many we always have.

And then there are the odd white ones.

Dotted around here and there – an individual little plant. I wonder if we will see more next year as they seed themselves.

Little Newt was on fine form.  You have to love a face like that.

You have to. It is probably The Law.

Silver was in his calm place.

Waffle and Vitamin both looked good in the long grass.

Vitamin is maintaining her weight this summer so, for the time being, we have stopped feeding her.

And Waffle is a fattie!

Dear little Tiddles was looking pretty.

He is enjoying this field and, like the others, stuffing his face all the time.

Storm, well, just Storm really. He was in a friendly mood until we wanted to put sunscreen on his nosey and then he ran off, giggling unhelpfully.

Fivla was by herself. She was in a foul mood as there were flies around.

She seemed to attract them, or at least mind, more than anyone else.

One day the sun might shine. That would be nice for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Minions in Flowers

  1. Sam

    Poor Fivla – I am a mosquito magnet, so she has my sympathies.
    All the rest are delightful to see. One day I mus hear Storm’s naughty giggle as he trounces away.
    Love the flowers!

  2. darby callahan

    ponies and wildflowers, a perfect combination. I also had the same reaction to Silver and how white he has become.


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