Needle Felting

I have always been fascinated by the art of felting and wanted to have a go at it myself.  Some lovely friends listened and sent me kit(s) for Christmas along with all the necessary so I could have a shot at it.

So, armed with everything required plus BeAnne, I drove over to a friend who knows all about this sort of thing.  She is very arty and crafty.  I am not.  All geared up, my friend got me started.  I learn much better seeing things being done in real life, rather than through films, books or lectures.  I had my own private tutor.

BeAnne was with me too as her New Year’s resolution is to widen her horizens and to travel more.  She settled quickly, which meant I didn’t have to worry about her.

I did attempt to read the instructions that came with the equipment.  They were excellent and informative, if strange.

And off I went.  I was trying to make a whale from the Whale Kit.

I quickly gave up on the whale idea and started making some legs instead.

Yup, I drew blood.  It was inevitable.

Can you guess what I wanted to make, or who?

I made sure I went outside regularly to stretch my legs and my back as I am still suffering.

And this is my finished creation.

I must admit I am feeling well chuffed with myself.  I think I have found what I want to make in my studio. I really enjoyed myself.  I had an excellent teacher and learned what to do and what not to do.

The future is a large flock.

17 thoughts on “Needle Felting

  1. May

    Love the tail!

    The instructions reminds me of the documents that I’d get in from China. (English is a very squirrely language for translators.)

  2. Liz Roberts

    Wow, that’s brilliant, I’m glad you had a good teacher the instructions were indeed very strange! I have a small bag of wool from our last sheep, I’m feeling inspired by you efforts

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Despite the written instructions (huh??), you did extremely well – maybe a hidden talent come to life! BeAnne certainly made herself at home – maybe she enjoys the arts and crafts projects more than you realized.

  4. Sam

    Bleeding is almost a requirement with needle felting. And those look like bad translation instructions. Your flock will be lovely.

  5. M

    So the needle has name , Poke. Rather appropriate 🙂

    Love the little sheepie.
    A much better choice for your flock than a whale.

    Those instructions (ha ha ha), looks like they were run thru the translator multiple times.
    For those with time on their hands, take a well known phrase or soliloquy and run it thru two or three translations before returning to the home language.
    It can sometimes be quite interesting, especially if the language is not western european / romance language. Though as the other commenter noted, English can be tricky (all those weird grammar rules, adopted words and ‘new words’ getting added every day)

    M in NC

  6. Linda K

    Excellent. I want to give it a go as well!

    Of all the creatures you’ve created so far though my favourite has to be the crows.

  7. Terri

    It’s only the fourth day of the new year, and look what you’ve achieved (in addition to studio progress): an adorable sheepie! BeAnne getting out and about! Too bad about the finger prick though — next time wear the leather thimbles. All successful artisans/artists/crafters have mishaps though. Glad you enjoy needle-felting! Good thing you had private instruction — those directions would be easier to understand with Flossie translating from the original Chinese.

  8. Janet ainsworth

    So glad to hear you’ve taken to needle felting…it’s a very interesting craft… …however one thing to remember be very cautious if you’re wanting to wash the finished item…I thought it would just shrink.. Oh no the teddy just disintegrated ….

  9. diane in northern wis

    Wow…you did really well making that lamb! Especially with those rather weird instructions! I love it. Can’t wait to see your whole flock of these beautiful lamby creatures. Good job!

  10. Eva Johnson

    Fluff stabbing is weirdly satisfying isn’t it? Most of my creations end up sheep too, it is inevitable I think…

  11. Carrie R

    *That* is adorable. I’m a knitter, myself, and two years ago I made three sheeps: Flora, Fauna, and Merriwheather. They stay in my kitchen keeping me company.

  12. Wendy from NY

    Wow! Amazing for your first attempt! Can’t wait to see all you create, hopefully in your new studio. I just want to say that I LOVE your blog, have been following along regularly for years, albeit somewhat quietly


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