My Unicorn Rug

A few days ago, I went and learned the traditional craft of hand weaving.  I was having this stunning Shetland wool rug made for myself by Christina Smith of Shetland Handweavers.

It is perfect, even with the added dog hair.

I asked for the rug to be finished with the cotton ends twisted.  You can have plaited.

The flip side is equally beautiful.  I can’t decide which side I like best.

I laid my new rug on the floor of our sitting room and it was instantly sat on.

Monster thought it was an excellent new addition to his extensive collection of beds.

He gave it his Seal of Approval.

BeAnne went for the more attention-seeking approach. She “played possum”, as a friend calls it.

Yin and Yang.

Always jealous of anyone’s attention straying, Her Maj adoped her most interesting attitude.

I think, at the end of the day, this rug is far too beautiful to be on the floor.  I did originally think I would have it for my creation-station, she-shed, studio but the thought of Lambie even looking at it with his muddy hooves is too much (and he has been known to pee on rare occcasions when flustered).

I am going to see what my unicorn looks like hung behind my office chair instead of the curtain that doesn’t quite match.  I want our visitors to see this incredible piece of art rather than tread on it.

I wove the tip of his horn, which is the most magical bit!

5 thoughts on “My Unicorn Rug

  1. Kerry

    That is absolutely stunning – and the tip of the horn somehow has an added glamour to it…

    Carpets were originally hung or placed on tables so it may be fitting as a wall hanging in your she shed to inspire your future work

  2. Sam

    I like the tan background with the red unicorn side. So “glad” it has won high marks from two discerning judges. And the wall, far away from Lambie’s “love” is best. This is lovely.


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