My Two Very Different Worlds

It is blowing a gale in Shetland today. I have been outside briefly to collect some beautifully mended rugs (hallelujah – another tick on my winter preparation checklist).  On my way home, I checked on the Shetland ponies and put out fresh water for the pregnant Icelandic ladies.  No one wanted to talk, just huddle. At least it is warm out there but still it is horrid.  Flights and ferries have been cancelled or delayed because of this.  Certainly not a day for traipsing about with an expensive camera.

So, after doing the appalling task of “The Accounts” which have been looming on my desk for a while, I went through the last of my photos from the camera I took to my mother’s last week.

It quickly became apparent to me that my two worlds are very different.

We used to walk the dog first thing every morning on the surrounding municipal golf course before the golfers appeared and I always took my camera to miss taking photos of any interesting wildlife.

I managed to totally miss a fox and even, what I am almost convinced was, a wallaby!

On my last day, I lost my glasses and so took a photo of a park bench which Mum and I both thought was possibly a deer!  After closer inspection, I realised my mistake.

Anyway, whatever, the walk was always beautiful.

As you can gather, I was rather obssessed with the abundance of trees – their shapes and colours were mesmerising.  We don’t get trees like this where I live.

This is from my last morning’s walk.

And this is where I was the next day.  Home at the Minion field.

I like both my worlds.  They could not be more different if they tried.

7 thoughts on “My Two Very Different Worlds

  1. Michelle McMillen

    Yes, very different worlds. Nice you get to move between the two. Kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around living on an island!

  2. Linda Kirk

    I am a bit of a tree hugger, I admit. I wish the tree in the third photo was in my garden. It looks a good age.
    Lovely photos.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    As lovely as they both are and for far different reasons, Shetland is just an extremely special place.

  4. Terri

    I don’t think I’d be happy without trees (I live in a forest on a hill). To hear the owls hooting at night is magical and the coyotes howling primeval. But it just goes to show that there are many beautiful places to live. Lovely photos of each of your worlds!

  5. Rebecca Final

    Your two worlds are stunning. I love the one pic of the tree with the fog around the base. Just beautiful.


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