My Mother’s Other Talent

Apart from being an incredible needlewoman and tapestry designer, my mother is also a well-known sculptor of dogs.

Mum trained at St Martin’s School of Art (now known as Central Saint Martins at University of the Arts, London) in the late 1950’s.

She studied under Elizabeth Frink, Anthony Caro, Eduardo Paolozzi and Edward Middleditch.

It was the celebrated artist, Mr Middleditch, who asked Mum “can you knit?”.

When Mum brightly replied “yes” she was then told “why don’t you go home and do it!”

I, for one, am very glad Mum didn’t trot home and look for her knitting needles, (though she has knitted many lovely creations for me and my children).

If it is any consolation, Mr Middleditch spent most of his tutoring life asleep drunk on a trestle table in one of the studios.

After remarrying, Mum needed to earn a living and decided to take up sculpture again.

Over the years, Mum has worked hard creating individual hand-made porcelain dogs.

Mum has many collectors of her work all over the world.

She can make every breed of dog and mongrels from photographs of beloved dogs.

Also, Mum has been, with her models, a regular exhibitor to Crufts and international dog shows.


Because Mum loves dogs, she knows how to capture them in porcelain….

(and the occasional lion and unicorn, if requested).

(No, I can’t do this – not even slightly – please don’t ask me to)


32 thoughts on “My Mother’s Other Talent

  1. Sam

    Does your very talented Mum have one of a Spanish Water Dog? If so, would she sell one?
    My best friend has 4 SWD at home, her oldest is my dog BFF. Miss Nita, aged 15yrs old.

  2. Carol E

    Surely Lambie is enough of a dog to qualify as a subject? That face!

    And more seriously, what about your beloved BeAnne?

  3. Beverly

    I am awestruck by your Mom’s talent!! Her porcelain dogs are beautiful….but that tapestry….incredible!! Did you inherit any of her artistic abilities??

    1. Frances Post author

      In a word, no!

      (but I can the odd photograph and I play the flute according to my mother “beautifully”!

  4. lynn

    your mum is quite a talented artist. her sculptures are wonderful and the tapestry in your post from the other day is unbelievable!

  5. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Dear Frances, These dogs are just incredible. Does your mother have a website online? I have friends with golden retrievers, chocolate labs, a brindle boxer, and others. I love the work she does. wow. When do you head back home? Hope all continues to be well back there.

  6. Vicki

    I’m just too blown away by this. I’m not one for figurines of shepherd boys and dainty misses but these are priceless.

  7. Louise Stopford

    Absolutely remarkable – what a very talented lady. Has she captured your dogs in porcelain?

  8. Terri

    Your mother is so creative and talented! There is also an Eve Pearce in Vermont who creates tapistry. (including “Four Girls and an Apple, Mustang, Nepal”, 1999) Everyone needs to follow their own path….

  9. Dee Savage

    Hi Frances, I would love to tell your Mum how much I cherish the 3 Westies I bought from Zelli in 1999. I had checked there before, on my infrequent trips to London, but they were always sold out. I didn’t even know the name of the artist until today (20 Sept. 2020). That day in August, 1999 they were unwrapping 3 of them and all were on the counter as I walked in to the shop. I waited for them all to be unwrapped. I purchased them all. On the way back to my hotel, I tripped and the bag they were in hit the concrete hard. I twisted my ankle and got a migraine, very upset that I had probably demolished her 3 dogs. Lots of money for a middle school teacher to spend! As soon as I got to my hotel, I unwrapped them, and they were perfect! The next day as I was boarding my flight back to USA, I was stopped by Delta Airlines personnel, and questioned as to why I looked so angry/upset. I told the I had a cold, a bad migraine (had to sleep on the plane lying down) and a twisted ankle. And that I had thought I had broken 3 expensive ceramic dogs I had waited YEARS to get. The Westies reside in a very special case in my bedroom. And now I know your Mum, Eve Pearce, is the artist. I spent all day today trying to search for artists who made dogs with spiky hair. I couldn’t even remember the name of the shop…Zelli.
    So I would love it if you could give me her email, so I can relay this story to her and my appreciation of her work. I’d be so grateful to tell her how much I cherish these 3 Westies. She is such am amazing artist. But you know that already. After I send this, I am going to explore your site. Many thanks, and stay safe and healthy in these crazy Covid times. Dee

    1. Frances Post author

      Oh, I most definitely will! She will be thilled and I am so glad they survived the wretched ankle and migraine (poor, poor you x).

      Mum is still working – aged 80 (I know!). I am seeing her next week for the first time in nearly a year. Of course with this wretched Covid, we all had to miss her 80th which was miserable as it was a big deal.

      Anyway, thank you for writing. I know Mum will be very happy to hear your message. Lots of love x

  10. Emily

    Hello! I’ve just discovered your mom’s creations and I would love to ask if she still makes those. I would love a sculpture of a Saluki. Doesn’t really have to be my boy but I would do anything for having a figurine of my favorite breed


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