At Home Today

Dreki and Lilja are now allowed to be with each other but not really getting along.

That is because they are siblings (albeit half).

No one wants to play Fuzzy Felt or Lego nicely together.

There is no “lovely sharing” as we used to say in our house.

And I have to say that I am very disappointed.

Daisy took these photos today.

For me, while living so far away at the moment, it is lovely to see my little foalios together.

They are typical brother and sister, I think.

The main argument is about Daisy and who should own her.

Lilja is determined it will be her because she spied her first!

BeAnne is busy entertaining herself and I am pleased and relieved to see she is not pining for me.  A happy BeAnne means I don’t worry when I am away for her.  We both have separation anxiety from each other.

Lambie is on top form, though looking a tad porky, and has adopted the position of professional beggar.  He waiting for Daisy to take pity and shower him with his Rich Tea biscuits (the box is in the porch, just over there, if you don’t mind!)

So that is life at home.  Everyone is getting along fine without me.

Still miss them all, though.

5 thoughts on “At Home Today

  1. Linda

    Oh, I’m not fooled – they’re getting along as best they can, without you, Frances!

    (and what a thing – to have that beautiful foal come walking right up to Daisy)

  2. Louise Stopford

    You would think those two babies would love each others company. Like you said, perhaps it is a sibling thing. Hopefully the more they get used to each other the more they may like each other. They have got to learn to share Daisy. They are so gorgeous though!!

  3. Sam

    Siblings close in age will always squable. There is 5 years between me and the 4th kid. We fought a lot as kids and a lot less now.


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