My Handsome Prince

I was waiting for Bjørn, Taktur, my 4 year old stallion’s trainer to arrive.


He asked me to go and get him out of his field as he had hurt his foot, thinking that someone else would be around that I could delegate this job too.


As there was no one, I walked (very carefully, I promise), across the hill, went into the field, where Taktur approached me, almost put on his own headcollar, followed me back to the gate.  I opened it, he walked through, did a turn on the forehand to wait while I tied up the gate and then followed me back across the hill to the indoor school.


I did not touch the rope that was draped across his neck.


I then spent the next few minutes taking a few snaps, like you do.

BN2A4412 BN2A4424

BN2A4363          BN2A4392

I have never met a 4 year old stallion quite like Taktur.  He is incredible.  Not only ridden, but his attitude.  I can’t describe it.  If Bjørn had asked me to fetch any other horse (including possibly Haakon) out of the field today, I would’ve said no, my back is not up to it.  But, because it was Taktur, I knew everything would be alright.  He would be a calm, dignified gentleman.  There is never any meanness in him, no boyish games, or seeing whether there is a chink in anyone’s metaphorical armour, Taktur just does whatever you ask him.  He is very different from your average 4 year old stallion – a wise head on young shoulders who just wants to do what you ask him to do.  If you pat him to say thank you, he glows with pride and shines and tries even harder the next time.  It is lovely to watch.  He has a huge sense of humour with his herd – the best of friends with Haakon, but when it comes to people, all bets are off, he just knuckles down to do the very best he can every time.  You never go back a stage, always forward.


Jo returned Taktur to his field, after Bjørn had finished training him, as she turned up later whereupon Taktur rolled and became very slightly less handsome!



Some info and older pics. ….

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  1. Karen

    What an amazing individual he is, one to be proud of and I love your pictures of him, he has very kind eyes.


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