My Day

“Come on, everyone. Into a more sheltered field, please” – I shouted, while leading Iacs and Kolka trotted happily along behind.  The weather forecast is for gales all week and even snow!

Meanwhile Haakon stood there like a stunned mullet and eventually realised he was on his own.  “Don’t hurry” I said sarcastically, standing in the pissing rain with a freezing driving wind. So he didn’t.

I had a lovely film of the Minions all cantering towards me over the hill for their breakfast but when I came to look at it, I had two whole seconds of the contents of my pocket.  So, sorry. Them’s the breaks.

Meanwhile, the sheep took refuge in their spacious shed.

All except Lambie, who had to stand outside on his own because he is an idiot.

The sheep eventually decided that if they didn’t go outside to eat, they would probably starve to death. It might just take some time as they are all very fat.

I was in my shed for the afternoon (which are getting shorter and shorter by the day) and Ted curled up….

…. while Pepper totally hogged the small fire.

The ducks and hens went to bed an hour early – their choice – and when I went inside the house I found Pepper trying to bite the cursor on OH’s computer, which was very funny.

So we will hunker down, get through this vile winter weather and pray the electricity doesn’t go off.

4 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Judith Garbutt

    The weather is just horrible – so tired of being wet! But ours is nothing like as bad as yours so you have all my sympathy. Pepper looked as though she needed a bit of fuss – she’s so sweet and funny.

  2. Kris

    I see Ted still does his standup routine for attention. And Pepper snuck that toy away while Ted was miming for the camera. Too cute.


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