Ice Penny

The sun didn’t put in an appearance today, not even slightly and the wind is beginning to get up.  We are in for a week of gales now.  Yuk.

And, if you’ve ever wondered where I live, you can just make out my house and big shed that sits in the middle of the hill, ie the middle of nowhere.  Our nearest neighbour is 1/4 mile away, approximately which is perfect.  I came from London, so this is my heaven.

And this morning I found the emergency bucket of water for the ponies had a centimetre of ice of in it. This is the only bucket of water for the ponies because they have a whole loch the other side of the hill to drink, splash about in and possibly even tip over (if Waffle could, he would!)

I managed to pull the ice out of the water bucket all in a oner.  It was like a giant frozen penny.

Tiddles was intrigued.

So he broke it.  Little boys and their toys.  If it hadn’t been Tiddles, it would’ve been someone else.

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