Mud Everywhere

There is mud in the fields and it is getting very depressing.  Everyone is filthy.  I don’ t bother brushing or cleaning (not that I did much when there was no mud to be perfectly honest), because there really is no point.


Obviously the field is huge and there is grass and dry standing all over the place but, of course, some little guttersnipes just want to wallow like young hippos.


Glorious mud, eh?


Nose kisseys can get a bit grubby but everyone would hate me more if I bathed them and there really is absolutely no point.  It would be cruel on all of us.


No matter how much I want to have clean horses!


Some are worse than others.  Some look for mud to roll in.


And some try their best to maintain a ladylike exterior.


And some like to grub about together.


Being with everyone is doing Hjalti the power of good.  He is such a chilled relaxed little boy now and his Hetja is happy to let him go off with his friends.  I am so glad they are home.


Meanwhile, The Boysenberries maintain a fairly clean exterior.


They are in a separate little old garden by the house, eating it down for the first time in years.


Hasn’t Lambie got the most beautiful eyes?  Liquid gold.


You would buy a used car off Lambie. This is his truthful and honest face!


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